What are the concerns?

Employees are worrying about money and not having enough of it, even if they actually do.

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are suffering


of the UK workforce
worry about money1

Employers are losing


annual cost to UK employers of absenteeism due to financial distress2

Current financial education programmes are either non-existent or not fit-for-purpose. They dont:

● Get to the core of the problem

● Improve the lives of individuals

● Truly connect people to what they want to achieve

Attract and retain top talent

Increase employee productivity

Build a happier workforce with minimal effort

Help your employees achieve what's most important to them in life

Employers can fix this problem by choosing the UK’s premier financial well-being programme

  • Train people to use their financial resources to support
    what they want to achieve
  • Shift the focus from simply providing information
  • Help people to understand what’s truly important
    to them
  • Create a path to achieve crucial goals
  • Walk away with less money worries
  • Build a happier workforce


1YuLife/YouGov, Employee Health and Wellbeing survey 5.0 – April 2022. Survey conducted with 2,035 UK adults.

2Centre for Economics and Business Research\Aegon, Financial wellbeing and productivity in the workplace, November 2021.

Make financial education your company’s next employee benefit.

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