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Financial wellbeing means to be in control of your money. You should feel secure in your financial situation both now and for the future. We want you to have a good relationship with your finances overall.

Wheel of Wealth is a corporate financial wellbeing programme, designed to support your company with improving the financial stability of your employees.

Wheel of Wealth is a financial wellbeing programme that supports all employees. We have a variety of different resources to ensure that we cater to all needs and do not believe in ‘one approach suits all’. To ensure that our content is relevant to your employees, we create bespoke resources, based on insights from your workforce. We also have trusted partnerships, to support your employees with complex financial planning needs.

Wheel of Wealth revolves around identifying life goals, and prioritising these. We then help individuals achieve these through our bespoke resources and content, introducing partners where expert advice is required. We monitor progress and engagement, ensuring we are holding individuals accountable and are providing them with useful and empowering content.

Contact us and we can arrange a consultation! Email info@wheelofwealth.com or call +44 207 516 5716.

Wheel of Wealth team work with industry leading financial service professionals and wellbeing experts to analyse your company’s insights, developing resources and content.

Workplace Quiz

Please contact us on info@wheelofwealth.com. We will provide you with a copy.

You can retake our Quiz at any time! Use your new results to go through our bespoke programme again, supporting you with creating a new financial plan relevant to your current situation. If we identify complexities, we will contact you to help you!

Workplace programme

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We have carefully chosen to work with organisations who share the same values as us – enhancing employee wellbeing and empowering them to improve their financial wellbeing.

The financial advisers we partner with share our passion and enthusiasm, imparting their knowledge to improve the lives of your employees. 

Sharon Calderini & Bradley Adams

Co-Founders, The Wheel of Wealth

Make financial education your company’s next employee benefit.

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