What is truly important in your life, what does wealth mean to you?

The two main questions you should be asking yourself are:

What is truly important in your life?
What does wealth really mean to you?

We have asked tens of thousands of people these very questions, and we have found that it all comes down to family, lifestyle, and legacy. We call these our core pillars of wealth.

When it comes to your family, lifestyle and legacy, there are always two factors that have the potential to derail you from achieving the things that matter the most. We call these our impact pillars of wealth.





More often than not, people aspire to have a positive impact on their family’s overall happiness, whilst also being able to dedicate enough time to their loved ones throughout their lifetime. Providing a financially secure future for your family goes a long way to ensuring they can be happy in years to come.

Lifestyle is about being able to do what you’ve always dreamt of. Whether you’re looking to increase or remain accustomed to a particular lifestyle, or even take a step back to a more relaxed approach, people expect their wealth to align with the lives they hope to lead.

 Legacy in traditional wealth management terms tends to mean having control of assets post-death – whether that’s to provide security or potential opportunities for loved ones. However, people are now also wanting to achieve certain legacy goals whilst they are still alive and aren’t focusing just on the wealth that’s been built.




The ability to achieve your desired goals throughout your life, whether you are working or retired, depend on a form of income to support them.

Unsurprisingly, someone’s mental and physical health can have a significant impact on their ability to achieve the goals that are important to their life plan.

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